The Importance of ‘power skills’

Across nearly all roles, the importance of soft skills, or power skills as we like to refer to them at Eclipse are key in determining success, they are key for candidates in being able to sell themselves and ensuring the right cultural fit when applying for roles they are also often the determining factor between what makes a good and a great employee.

Building on an Interview Skills session earlier this year where we supported our local Comprehensive School, Jenni Jetzer our Group People Director who acts as an Enterprise Advisor for the school providing a direct link for them to businesses and support their careers programme, delivered a 2-hour session alongside their Careers Lead Penny Hicks on employability skills to a group of year 10 students. 

With a session that was designed the key soft skills as summarized by the skills builder partnership, it covered:

  • Communication – Speaking, Listening and Written Communication,
  • Results focus / solution – problem solving, creativity
  • Working with others – teamwork and leadership
  • Attitude – aiming high, staying positive & being resilience

Jenni Jetzer: “I’ve always been impressed by the careers support offered by Kingshill Cirencester, they are focused on providing a rounded curriculum, that supports pupils to obtain their qualifications but also to learn the wider soft skills.  They demonstrate an individual approach to their students based on their different needs and aspirations.   It was rewarding to be able to spend some time with the pupils, to help them start to identify their skills and strengths and to think more broadly about what employers will look for from them in the future. Supporting the next generation is key and the link between schools and business is essential for helping to develop talent and enable individuals to learn about the different opportunities open to them and the skills they will need. ”